Wasteland Survival: Open

Be open to new possibilities.  Be open to new people.  Be open to new ways of thinking.  Be open to the idea you are unique and special and perfect, and just…sigh…a dreamer.  I remember when people used to say bullshit like that.  And I admit, I sort of believed it in my own half-assed, let’s get drunk and sing karaoke and talk about how to fix the world, kind of way.  That was before the bombs fell.  Things are different now.

wasteland.jpgNew possibilities have been replaced with uncertain futures.  New people replaced by potential murderers.  New ways of thinking replaced with new ways of getting yourself killed.  As for being a dreamer, the only dream worth having is the one you wake up and don’t find yourself in the wasteland anymore.

If you want to survive out here, open your mouth to breathe, open your eyes to see, open your ears to hear, but close off everything else – especially your heart.  You decide to open that fucker up and someone will put a bullet through it.


Written from the viewpoint of Drake, the protagonist in my soon to be first-drafted novel, Wastelander: The Drake Legacy.  He’s very interested in these “Daily Posts,” and might just show up again to share his wasteland wisdom.

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