The Zombie Test & Passive Voice (ReBlog)

Late last night I was doing my daily commenting rounds when I stumbled across a delightful post that met all my reblogging prerequisites.  A writing tip that uses zombies as a teaching point?  Yes, please.

zombies.pngThis tip comes from the Mercenary Proofreader Thomas Weaver who mans the helm over at North of Andover.  If you enjoy solid writing tips and frequent examples to sharpen your knowledge, I would encourage you to follow his page.  If not for the knowledge, do it for the tongue-in-cheek commentary and fresh perspective.

As for the Zombie Test, check it out here.

My favorite writing tips include the following: don’t take me hours to write, offer a logical takeaway, come from respectable sources, demystify grammar, and involve brain eating corpses.  I think you will find today’s reblog hits all those criteria.

That’s it for today (short and sweet).  Until tomorrow, keep reading, keep writing, and as always – stay sharp!

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15 responses

  1. Zombies… yuck!

    I guess, though, it’s pretty creative to create writing tips by referring to them. It’s cool that you found something to reblog. ^_^

    PS: Sorry that I haven’t been reading or commenting. I’ve been sick again so was taking care of myself.

    PSS: Did you get an email from amazon or kdp publishing about reloading Seven Hours Kindle version?

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    • Today feels like a cheat day in my daily blogging. But hey, if it’s a great tip, I’m not going to try to reinvent the wheel – I’m going to point you to the wheelmaker’s house.

      I hope you get to feeling better! I had noticed no new entries on your blog page and was wondering how you were doing.

      As for the email, I will have to ask my wife as it got uploaded to her Kindle. I will ask her when she gets home tonight and shoot you an email.

      Good luck recovering!

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  2. They taught us that trick when I was a young girl in school, but it wasn’t Zombie reference it was add your own name. Still same principles. Hey it makes people write, more power to them. Cant wait to read your book. Love you. Keep our family safe and warm.

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    • The writing has been slow going the last couple weeks. I keep saying, “I’ll be done next week.” But seriously, it’s almost there. Then months of revisions and rewrites.

      Thor loves the clothes you sent by the way! If he could talk he would say as much. Love you all too, give my best to everyone back in old Kentucky.

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  3. I teach grammar on the first day of my class. I use the zombie test every time. I let the students line up as sentences and have the “zombies” hiding behind them. I can’t get too elaborate because of time constraints, but it gets them out of the chairs and involved. know…zombies.

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    • Cool to see you use it in the classroom. I imagine the students love you shaking it up. I can’t really remember DINFOS that much, but I do remember being bored a lot. Boredom with occasional bouts of extreme nervousness. But that was 13 years ago, so it’s no wonder those memories are fading. Thanks for stopping in and making me feel all reminiscent and what not!

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