Hurricane Hermine: Potential Evacuation

Hurricane_Warning.jpgHey there my literary storm chasers!  Instead of your regularly scheduled blog, today is just a short update.  I live on the coast in South Carolina so we are preparing for potential evacuation due to Hurricane Hermine.  My wife has been sent home from work and if they call and tell her we need to evacuate (she’s in the military) off we go.

I told baby Thor to stop beating on his anvil, but no, he had to go whip a hurricane into existence.  I don’t think we are in any immediate danger, but only a fool doesn’t prepare for potential outcomes.  We’ll be packing diaper bags, stocking the car, getting our cat Niblet’s stuff together, and preparing for the exodus west.  Fun times!

Until tomorrow (or whenever I can get back to a computer) keep reading, keep writing, and as always – stay dry…

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  1. I would be a fool If I said I was not worried about all of you. But I know my daughter and my grandson are in good capable hands with you Corey. You make me not freak as much. Please be safe and keep me posted. Love you all.

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    • Will do Kim. You know me; I have plans in place for everything. Even the zombie apocalypse 😀 We have our phones charged and the vehicle fueled. You’ll be my first call if we get the call to push.

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  2. Crikey! Stay safe! How else am I supposed to pretend to be working while actually reading your blog?
    Also, ive said it before and I’ll say it again. This is why we don’t give children the power of ancient gods and weapons forged from the heart of a dying star. Recipe for trouble.

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  3. Keep safe sir! I remember having to worry about Hurricanes. Used to do it all the time growing up as I lived on the East coast and also in the Deep South for the longest time.

    There is never a lack of excitement. I actually miss that. Ah well, keep you and your family safe.

    Cheers! ^_^

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  4. Oh dear! Please stay safe! I’m in Northern Georgia and have been watching the weather the past few days. Looks like it’s down from a hurricane to a tropical storm, but it’s still gonna push a lot of rain around over the weekend. Looks like where I’m at’s gonna get hit with some showers today. Hope everything goes smoothly where you’re at. Sending well wishes.

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    • Try to stay dry! We got hit with some wind and it took down branches and knocked out power for a bit, but everything is good to go now. I’m sure Charleston will flood, but it does all the time. Hopefully it won’t be a huge deal.

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    • Hopefully you all weathered the storm okay! We had some wind and people put their trash cans out for the trash trucks like they would come despite an impending hurricane. So there’s branches, leaves, and trash everywhere 😦 Thor and I will drive around and clean up.

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  5. I’m in Tampa Bay and just got through a pretty wild night. The electricity strobed like a 1970s Disco floor but it held. Had the huge tail but much worse in Tallahassee. We’re still storming here, that’s how big and powerful it is. Although I live in a mobile, couldn’t evacuate with four dogs 😦 Stay safe!

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