QE vs Hurricane Matthew & Maintenance

Almost a month ago exactly, I wrote a post about my family preparing to evacuate due to Hurricane Hermine rolling through.  Fortunately for us, Hermine only succeeded at throwing around trashcans and stripping a few trees of their limbs.

Hurricane Coming.jpgWell guess what, another hurricane—Hurricane Matthew—is making its way toward us.  According to the Weather Channel, the whirling monster is supposed to impact the Charleston, S.C. area directly (where I live).

I guess this is what happens when you name your son Thor…

Conflict 101: Man vs Nature

On a more serious note, we are under a Level 3 advisory from the base where my wife works.  As she is active duty Navy, we can be ordered to evacuate and must comply.  I am currently gathering food and supplies.  There’s a chance I’ll be getting to play Yukon Trail: Hurricane Edition™ with my wife, baby, and cat.  (Hopefully, we don’t die of dysentery.)

I also was planning on having my monthly maintenance period this upcoming weekend.  When I wrote my 100th post, I talked about scheduling maintenance once a month to ensure categories and site analytics were being tidied up.  With all that being said, I’ll likely roll my maintenance into this unscheduled outage.

The QE page may go dark for a few days, but I’ll still have recycled posts scheduled and rolling through.  I may also toss in an update if I can, but until the storm passes I’m going to have my hands full.  So if any of you leave an amazing comment and it sits for a few days, know that I am likely convoying away from the storm.

To my blogging friends in the impact areas, stay safe.  To the rest of you, stay classy.  I’ll be back just as soon as the storm subsides.  Until then, keep reading, keep writing, and as always – stay sharp!

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  1. Plenty of room at my home for all of and the cat. Doors always open. Love all of you. Just let me know when she gets the call and your plans. You can always use my computer too to sign on to your blog or do your work. Mu abode is your abode.

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    • Looks like we’ll be heading your way as soon as the base sends word out to everyone to evacuate. Our house is in one of the evacuation zones, and according to the governor an evacuation notice will be going out tomorrow at 3 p.m. Obviously, we want to get out of here before that happens. Nothing like an eight hour drive with a cat and a baby.

      Watch us get to your house only to have the thing veer off into the ocean. Then Heather would be recalled and we would be there long enough to say “hi” before we had to drive back. Regardless, it’ll be good to see all of you. Despite the crazy circumstance.

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    • It involved meowing, crying, sleeping, caffeine, and frustration. Ultimately, we managed to get out of the state and are staying with family in Kentucky.

      Thanks for the kind words. We’re safe now, I’m just hoping everyone back in the state stays safe now (and that my home isn’t destroyed or flooded…).

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  2. Keeping you and your family–and everyone in this thing’s path–in my prayers. Very glad you have a place to go if you get the call to evacuate, but I’m with you in hoping that this thing misses Charleston altogether and veers off to sea.

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    • Thanks for the prayers. I’ll toss together a post, but we did end up having to evacuate. We’re safely in Kentucky with family now.

      I’m certainly concerned about Charleston and the surrounding areas. Given areas of Charleston flood daily with high-tide, I can’t imagine what a serious storm surge might do.

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    • You stay safe too. We ended up having to evacuate and traveled to Kentucky to stay with family. Hopefully you don’t get too much of the storm there in Raleigh, but given it’s so wide, you might still be impacted.

      I’m hoping it loses some of its energy as it travels up the coast, but it strengthening back up to a Cat. 4 has me concerned for the whole East Coast. I’ll be thinking of you all.

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  3. I’m surprised it’s never happened, but I was sort of shocked to see this hurricane named Matthew. I sort of feel bad now. Can we start naming hurricanes and storms after fictional villains? Safe travels and well wishes my friend. Take care. We’re praying for you.

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