The Time Paradox (Revamping the Schedule)

hourglassI posted my daily schedule a while back.  Due to the ghosts in the time machine, I must adjust and move forward with purpose.  Before I spell out the new schedule, I want to take a minute to discuss why the schedule must change.

When I started this blog page:

  1. I was writing a single book.  Now I have finished writing this book and started a rewrite.  Additionally, I am writing a novella, three graphic novels, and the discovery draft of another separate book.
  2. My baby boy was napping three or more hours a day. Additionally, he wasn’t mobile.  Now Thor naps for about half the amount of time and is moving at the speed of babylight (which is slower than a walk and faster than a crawl).
  3. I was working as a freelancer on websites like Upwork and Freelancer with limited success.  My clients were few and far between and many of the jobs were very short.  Now I own my own editing business. It has generated some awesome clients and a decent workload.
  4. My wife was working “normal” Navy hours.  Now she is working 12-hour shifts.

No Breaks

For these reasons, I must adjust the schedule.  It should be noted that I owe the success of my business to this page and the time I devoted to it.  I also owe this page for introducing me to so many brilliant people. This QE website has been a lightning rod of creativity and self-growth for me.

Personal ramblings aside, let’s look at the new schedule.

Monday:  Book blurb day or a new post.  I’ve read more than thirty books on writing since I started this page.  Every now and then I toss together a collage and write a blurb about a book. (My “reads” category contains examples.)  It’s not really a review, but an insight about the content of the book.  Again, this is my way of offering you all the resources I can and populating the page with useful content.

Tuesday/Sunday: Off days.  I wanted a couple days of the week to spend my allotted blogging time reading other blogs and commenting.  If I continue posting every day, I simply don’t have enough time to reply to comments and reach out beyond my own page.

Wednesday: Feature Wasteland Wednesday and/or author news.  Wastelander: The Drake Legacy publishes next year, but it’s the first in a very long Wastelander series.

As I will start the publishing process early next year, I want to make Wednesday a day to also share news about what’s going on with me professionally (failures, successes, conventions I’m attending, etc).

I‘m also working with some amazing authors as an editor.  I want to spotlight them here as well, when possible.

Thursday: A new and glorious post.

Feature Friday.jpg

Feature Friday.  This is one my favorite additions to my page.  I will continue taking a day each week to highlight other bloggers who are generating insightful content.  If you are sitting there reading this and thinking, Hey! He’s talking about me.  Contact me and I will add you to my reblog list.  I am fortunate to have great readership here at QE, and if my success can propel others, it’s a small way for me to give back.

Don't Know what to Blog

I have also decided to allow for reader contributions on Fridays.  This was a suggestion made to me by P.A. Kramer.  The more I thought about it, the more I loved the concept.  This is a great way for bloggers to take advantage of my readership and get some eyes on both their content and their blog pages.  Again, my goal has always been to bring like-minded people together.

I will only post submissions that are centered around some aspect of writing. Ideally, the content should be around 700-1000 words in length.  If images are included, they must be non-copyrighted images (I can generate images if needed).  Contact me if you have a proposal.

Saturday: Re-post day.  Recycling previous posts will help people new to the site or to WordPress connect with my older content.  It also helps me.  It allows me to continuously edit, improve, and add links to my archived material.  I learn a lot from my discussions with all of you, my work as an editor, and my labors as a writer.  I want to be sure my past posts reflect newfound knowledge and continue to be relevant.

That’s the new schedule.  Let’s see if this one sticks or not.  Until we cross quills again, keep reading, keep writing, and as always—stay sharp!

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28 responses

  1. I am so happy you are taking a couple days for yourself to read and enjoy content, those are super important and I know they are going to have a very positive influence on your presence here, your work, and your novels (not to mention the profound impact its gonna have on the family time!) I really look forward to hearing your stories of publishing! Keep it up man!

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    • I was starting to feel a little too rundown to maintain the old pace. I never noticed it until my parents came to visit for a couple weeks and mentioned that I wasn’t in my twenties anymore and might need more than four or five hours of sleep a night.

      I didn’t really believe them until they asked to help with Thor while they visited. Then I slept…and slept…and slept. After a few nights of more sleep than I usually get in a whole week, I realized how spent I actually was. I also noticed a profound increase in productivity when I was naturally alert, instead of caffeinated (now I’m both).

      I also hated not having the time to visit other blogs more. Especially those folks who are so active on my page with comments. It felt selfish having to spend all of my time on my own page and not reaching out.

      Hopefully this new schedule is a bit more forgiving! As you like to say, I’ve got this.

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    • Thank you so much for the encouraging words. I’m hoping the value of my content improves with this new schedule, and I also get more time to visit other amazing bloggers (like you!).

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    • Your intuition was right on! I’ve been playing the schedule by ear, when I should have been playing it by my whole body. Falling asleep every time I sit down is probably a good indication I need more sleep. It was starting to get to the point where I would be writing at my desk and wake up an hour later.

      Thanks for the kind words about me doing a good job. It certainly has been a trial by baby-fire, and I seem to learn as a go. I just need to remember to stay flexible. This stay-at-home dad gig has really put a lot of things into perspective for me (in a good way).

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    • Thanks for the encouragement, Matt. I seem to recall you saying something along the lines of, “Are you sure a blog post a day is a good idea?” It was at the time 😉

      I’ve just got to remember to evolve with the times and not get stuck in a single way of thinking and scheduling. One of the big reasons for the change was the need to focus more time on rewrites of the main book. After all, if the first book flops, all the other companion books (novella, graphic novels, next books in the series) become irrelevant.

      I’ll probably send the books to you in chunks to tap into you alpha-reading powers. I’m still excited Caught is off to the races on your end. My fingers are crossed for you!

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  2. Good to see you back! I was starting to worry that the acid roaches had got you. New schedule looks promising, I look forward to it! (Even if I do have to wait another five days for Wasteland Wednesday…)
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ll read the posts as fast as you can write them.

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    • I’m certainly looking forward to having more time. For instance, I was able to read your last tarot post but didn’t have time to write the comment I would have liked to. Instead, I simply Tweeted it to show some love. These off days should allow me to take the time to really read and write. For me, that’s often more fun than dilly-dallying away on my own page.

      Speaking of tarot, my wife was watching Skin Wars (I think that’s what it’s called) and they had a tarot themed competition. I was like, “I’m pretty much an expert on tarot thanks to Jenn.”

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    • I’m having a free day today, and it’s glorious! I’m getting some editing and writing done, hanging out with the family, and enjoying my time replying and commenting instead of rushing through.

      Thanks for thinking of me 🙂

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    • My friend Matt (who posts here under MLS Weech) introduced me to that concept. For me, I imagine myself looking like Robin Williams for Jumanji when I finish one.


    • My pleasure! I’m very happy you found something useful. Thanks for stopping by to read. Happy blogging (and scheduling).


  3. Mines down to one nap now, btw, and running everywhere to boot, good news is that if you can get the nap to the later part of the day (say one or so), it can last a good two hours (Hooray for getting work done!). Good luck with all your many projects, hope they turn out wonderfully! (I know they will)


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    • I’m dreading and looking forward to the day when Thor can run about. It’ll be more fun to go outside and do things when he doesn’t have to be carried or wheeled about. Regardless, I’m sure I’ll be singing a different tune when he starts sprinting all over the place. Good luck with yours and thank the gods for naps…

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