The Image Swap: Update Complete

toolsWhew.  What a weekend.  Major changes have occurred throughout the page.  I thought a post covering the changes and offering some blogging “advice” might be warranted.  Advice is in quotations because this is coming from a blogging amateur.  If I was a pro, I wouldn’t have been chasing my tail all weekend.

First and foremost, I removed and replaced all potentially copyrighted imagery from my page.  This took a long time with some 100+ images being swapped out.  As I’ve recently added my services page to my website, my page has shifted from purely educational (Fair Use) to a more commercial application.  Now that my page could be viewed as a commercial entity, copyrighted images are a problem.  I also plan to sell my books here someday too, which would have been another potential heartache.

Here are some image finding solutions.

online searchIf you are going to use Google, or any image search engine, to find an image, go to search tools and change the “usage rights” to “labeled for reuse.”  These are public domain images.  If you are going to alter them (i.e. add text) then you need to select, “labeled for reuse with modification.”

Pixabay and Shutterstock are two solid search tools to find free, public domain images.

Most of the imagery found on Wikipedia is public domain.  That is GIANT pool of images to search from.  You can go to Wikimedia to use their search tool.  I would recommend double checking the user privileges.

A host of the images searched for online come from artist generated sites like DeviantArt.  Many of those artists have copyrighted their imagery.  You can shoot the individual artist an email and often times they will give you the green light.  It’s possible, but it’s tedious.

Waiting for an Email

I contacted three different gif websites in regards to utilizing gifs on my blog page (because gifs make me happy).  Their “terms of use” pages are super complex.  I’m not a legal beagle, but it appears there is potential for copyright infringement in some applications.  If I ever get contacted back I will share what I find out in a later post.

For quote images I went with AZquotes.  According to their terms page, as long as you provide a link back to their page from the image you can use them for whatever you want.  However, you can’t use them as a giant list (i.e. you can’t make a “Top 20” quotes and link 20 of their images in a row).  Below is an example of what their content looks like, linked as per their terms page.  It’s a suitable quote for this blog post.

mark twain copyright.jpg

You’ll notice in my sidebar I have created a bunch of meme-like photos using older images.  I found most of these courtesy of the New York Public Library.  They have digitized thousands of historic images.  If the image predates 1923 then you are golden (that’s a U.S. rule).  I have linked their search tool here.  They do ask that you reference them so they can keep track of where their images are being used.  It helps them keep getting money to digitize content.  I linked their information into my images metadata like a boss.

Below is a smattering of the images I made to replace memes I had used in my earlier blog posts.  If you want higher resolution images you can go to my sidebar and jump to my Flickr page.  All the images I create are free to share and are sourced from the public domain (i.e. they aren’t copyrighted images I’ve altered).

Most of my created images will be writing oriented, so feel free to use them in your own posts.  I’m not going to sue you.  If you do use them, give me a nod if you would (link them back so I know what people are using and can continue creating applicable content).  As tedious as this whole process was, it was a LOT of fun making these silly images and I look forward to creating more for future blog posts.



QE logoI have embedded these images with metadata and also added my new trademarked logo to them (fancy huh?).  It’s what my profile image has been changed to as well.  The idea is that all roads should lead back to Rome.  Or in my case, to this blog.  I’m trying to swap out fishing line for dynamite!  We’ll see how it goes.

Other changes to the blog are subtle.  The categories have been cleaned up and some have been removed entirely.  I’m sure I will continue to tweak things here and there.  I also added the services page I mentioned above.

Before you all roll your collective eyes and call me a sell-out, just know this is the last you will hear of me referencing services I provide in blog posts.  I won’t be spamming the walls with editorial ads.  I recently started my own editing business (Quintessential Editing LLC) and moved away from the giant freelance websites I talked about in this post.  I’m excited to not have to deal with middlemen, do the type of editing I want to do, and be able to focus more on quality than quantity.

That’s it for the updates.  I PRAY this is the last time I have to do a major website revision.  Tomorrow we can get back on track with writing tips, rants, and tomfoolery.  Until then, keep reading, keep writing, and as always – stay sharp!

Copyright Info (final)

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