Wastelander: The Drake Legacy

Wastelander Concept Art

Current cover art progress.  For more information about the artist check out this post.  This image is copyrighted and owned by me.  Any use or manipulation of this image is not permitted without written permission from me.  Contact me.


[Working] Prologue

We all know the legend of Drake Nelson.  He rose from the dead, destroyed entire settlements, battled slavers, and butchered an army of renegade flesh eaters.  His legacy, The Wastelander Survival Guide, has become our generation’s Bible.  This story isn’t about the legend; it’s the truth.

The purpose of this book isn’t to slander a name.  It’s to bring the truth into the light.  Whoever Drake Nelson was, he ushered in a new era in the wastes.  It can’t be argued.  However, this blind adherence to the gospel of Drake is something you might question after reading.

This book is a direct reflection of Drake Nelson’s original journal and draft of ThWastelander Survival Guide.  You’ve read the gospel, now read the truth.

Wastelander LayoutWastelander: The Drake Legacy will be my first published book and I’m really excited to share it with all of you and the world.  I plan to have it published and out there early next year (2017) along with a companion novella.

The image up top is just something pretty to look at for now.  I currently have a cover artist working on the cover.  I wrote a post about it here if you are curious about the artist and want to see examples of his work.

As the teaser above suggests, Drake Nelson (the books protagonist) is a famous figure in the wastes.  His cardinal virtues and experiences were compiled into a book called The Wastelander Survival Guide (the companion novella) and became a staple in a world where printed literature is something of a rarity.   However, his unedited book and journal are a bit darker than reflected in the widely released survival guide.

The first draft of the book was completed August 29, 2016.  It is currently collecting dust while I write the novella.  When I finish The Wastelander Survival Guide I will come back and begin rewrites of Wastelander.

Every Wednesday (unless the real apocalypse has begun) I will be releasing short vignettes, character bio’s, history, and other wasteland information.  I’m excited to share this world with you!  Keep digging those bunkers and stay tuned.


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