Writing Past Dark: Blurb, Book, Collage

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A collection of phrases and quotes from the book, Writing Past Dark, written by Bonnie Friedman.  As usual, you can click the image, or go here, to view it in higher resolution on my Flickr.  And as always, it’s made by me and free to share.


Writing Past Dark, written by Bonnie Friedman, is sure to stir up the inner writer inside of you.   For you folks who are already relentlessly pounding away on the keyboard, you will find more fuel to stoke your inspirational furnace and keep the monsters at bay.   After all, most of us deal with writing demons.  They chase away the muse and leave us jaded.  This book will help you smite those black eyed beasts.

At 146 pages, you will roll through this one in no time at all.  Friedman uses personal anecdotes to drive you through the books core concepts.  Her style and voice are very appealing and I found myself swept along by her words.

writing past dark.jpgAs someone who struggles with their own writing demons, and works daily to help others find the light, I found the sections on Writer’s Disease, Distraction, How to Get the Meaning In, and Why We Can’t Write to be the most impactful.

What resonated for me in this book was the heart of the writer – Friedman.  Some authors have a way of connecting with the reader on a very deep and personal level.  Friedman snagged me early and wouldn’t let go.  Again, if you are struggling with the craft, this book might just be what you need.  And given the short length it’s not a huge investment of time.

I‘m always looking for new books!  Especially books about the craft.  Is there one you were thinking about but haven’t pulled the trigger on buying yet?  Let me know – my trigger finger is always itchy and Amazon is a click away.  As for now, I have another weapon to use against the darkness.  Until tomorrow, keep reading, keep writing, and as always – stay sharp!

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  1. Call to action books like that are fun. They’ll always be compared to “On Writing” for me, but that book was MY call to action. So long as we find the book that get’s us writing, that’s always a win. I wonder if there’s a book that motivates a person to edit? 😦 That’s not something I enjoy at all. I envy you that joy.

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    • On Writing ranks way up there for me too. We both love Stephen King, so getting a glimpse at his process and life story was rewarding. This book, while the author may not be as prestigious and well known, was a treat to read as well.

      There is a common current running through most of these call-to-action books, but regardless, I manage to always pull away a few quotes, concepts, and processes that stick with me. This one got hit by the the pointy end of my highlighter a bunch – and that’s a good thing.

      Thanks for swinging by – good luck with those dreaded edits (you’re almost done).

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  2. Thanks for sharing this! I’m always reading books about the craft of wriring, probably too much. The last book I read was Stephen King’s book on Writing. It was a good read 🙂

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