Wastelander: First Draft Finito

Wastelander Layout

The first draft of Wastelander is finally finished!  It took a lot longer to finish than I thought it would.  I’ve been told first books are like that.  To highlight this point, here is a post from June 13, 2016 where I thought I would be done with the book in just a few weeks.  Whoops!

Now it’s time to shelf the beast and forget it exists.  When I come back to it in six plus weeks, I will do a one sitting read through (83,723 words), blast it with red ink, and rewrite the whole book all over again!  In the meantime, here are the things that will be happening:

  • I should be getting my cover art in the very near future.  Michail is doing great work.
  • Drafting of The Wastelander Survival Guide has begun.  This is the complementing novella to the book.
  • The Wastelander Survival Guide is illustrated so I need to make a story board for this and search out a good line/ink artist for rough illustrations (the drawings are created by teenage character from the main book so they shouldn’t be too spiffy).
  • I have a stack of books on writing query letters and I’ve already got a “shortlist” of agents to contact.  It’s time to start writing and polishing query letters.  Look forward to posts about this.
  • I have pre-generated a series of teasers for the book. I’ll talk about this below.
  • I have two short stories outlined that I want to write and submit to literary magazines.  One is science fiction and the other is popular culture.  I’m looking forward to writing outside of the Wastelander universe for a spell.
  • I am picking up a new client (maybe even two) in September on the business side.  So I’m looking forward to jumping into to some new worlds.  Two clients is pretty much my monthly limit as general editing consumes a bunch of time.  Especially when we are working on novel sized projects.
  • Raising my son (the tiny Thor) and helping my radioactive wife fulfill her military obligations.
  • (Oh yeah, I write a daily blog post too…)

I mentioned above I have already generated some teasers for the book.  Here is the strategy I have decided to implement with releasing information about the book.  I didn’t want to release straight excerpts from the book.  Some publishers/agents frown on this and I’m attempting to publish traditionally.

My solution was Wasteland Wednesday.  This will be a series of shorts (under 1000 words) covering different elements from the book.  I will also be offering some graphic creations as well.  Some of the shorts will be little vignettes about characters, and some will provide you background/historic information regarding the world they live in.  I will share some of my character sheets, world building tools, and “behind the scenes” information as well.  Spoiler information will be redacted.

Wasteland Wednesday.jpg

You’ll learn a lot of things about the wasteland universe through these.  However, none of it will spoil the book for you; it should enhance it.  I’m creating a new category for these shorts titled “Wastelander.”  This will keep it organized for current and future readers.  I’m redirecting most of my Wastelander universe content to this category for housekeeping purposes.

wiki page.pngMost of us know that only about ten percent of what we know about our universes, characters, and cultural histories make it into the book.  This will allow me to share those aspects, and give me a place to compile them into a wiki of sorts.

That’s pretty much all the gears that are in motion right now.  I’m sure some monkey wrenches will start raining down from the heavens soon.  No worries though!  I’m wearing a viking helmet/hardhat.  I hope some of you are excited to learn about the Wasteland!  I’m thrilled to share.  Until tomorrow, keep reading, keep writing, and as always – stay sharp!

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  1. nice plan and congrats on finishing the first draft. Yes, deadlines are hard to follow which is why I was super happy that I was able to finish things by the publication date for Seven Hours haha

    Looking forward to the Wednesdays.

    PS: Yes, I know I disappeared again. Guess this year is not good health wise for me…

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  2. Man, I am really excited to see this unfold! I read the description under the Wastelander tab last week and was really interested! I’m looking forward to watching this grow!
    Question. Do you have a blog post that outlines your “process” start to final bound copy of a book? I would love to see it!

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    • My plan is to create one magnum opus blog post. Right now I am highlighting steps along the way with various posts. When I finally come out the end and am completely finished I will post about the results.

      Then I will be able to make one hyperlink heavy post that compiles the entire process from start to finish. That’s the plan. We will see how that works out though! Hah!

      I’m super stoked you are feeling the wasteland vibe. I’m doing all I can to make it a great experience. Thanks for coming on the ride.

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      • Have you tried my version (worth a try I promise) of bulletproof coffee? I posted about it tonite, mainly talking about the benefits of each ingredient. Check it out if you have time. The recipe is on an earlier post but to save you time, it’s easy. If you have a ninja or blender, it’s better when blended.
        Hot cup of coffee
        1tbs Kerrygold
        1 tbs coconut oil (unrefined)
        1 tsp vanilla extract
        Dash of Ceylon cinnamon
        1-2 pkts of Stevia

        Mix in ninja and pour into cup. Enjoy!

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      • I haven’t tried it! But I’m going to now. I will also pass this on to my nuclear engineer wife who spends 12+ hour shifts working on a reactor. She also is a imbiber of the ground goodness.

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  3. Congratulations! Big first step.

    That’s an interesting promotional strategy, too. I like the idea of providing little tidbits of world-building info on a regular/periodic basis. One idea I’ve thought about is providing character profiles/bios as blog posts – info that is readily available in the book and is otherwise inconsequential to the story. Maybe an illustration of the character to go with it. Not sure.

    Looking forward to reading more about Wasterlander!

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    • All the things you just described I’m going to do for the posts. Like you said, most of the information is inconsequential but interesting still. Even if it’s not a big deal now if someone loves the book they may want to mine the blog for more information.

      This book is the first of a series (post apocalyptic pulp), so this is a fun way to make a wiki page. As usual I’m playing the long game with my plans…

      Thanks for the kind words 🙂 Good luck to us both moving forward!

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    • It’s true; I could. But for now, I’ll just focus on the main book, and the novella. If some publisher wants to pay me to smash a bunch of vignettes into a novella, I’ll probably take their money. But I wouldn’t do it if they forced me to remove my free content.

      That’s all navel gazing at this point though. One baby step at a time 😀

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      • OR you could be the next Andy Weir and go Indie and kick ass and take names…. but I warn you, your wife is gonna want brand spankin new fancy duds if you strike gold. I’m seeing whatever the lady equivalent to the Woobie is in your future and it wont be cheap!


      • Hah! You crack me up. You strike the pulp science fiction scene and I will play with pulp apocalypse. Then we can both blow money on nonsensical items 🙂

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      • My wife already has ‘the list,’ we make it for fun every time the lotto gets big and spend $2 on a ticket. Then the kids and us talk about it for fun over dinner. My youngest is gonna buy Mars, the oldest just wants to be a rockstar…. I prefer Mars, but I’m biased!

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  4. I’M STOKED! Seriously happy for you on the writing front, but also I’m a HUGE fan of behind the scenes and when there is other information pre or post release on a world or its characters. It sounds like something I’d totally read.

    At any rate, when it’s published let me know how to buy, because that sounds like a worthy investment! I love reading your daily posts. They are always informative and/or creative!

    Good luck with the continued writing endeavors and with raising Thor!

    Cheers! ^_^

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    • I’m really excited to start releasing those sneak peeks. I’ve always been a huge fan of the behind the scene content and I wanted it to be a part of the experience. I also like the idea of being able to compile and share interesting info that just wasn’t important enough to make it into the book. Just because something is really cool doesn’t mean it drives the story. But hey, maybe it can serve another purpose. It’s all a part of the dark necromancy of resurrecting our darlings.

      I’ll still be here when it publishes, so no worries (we still have a while). Until then, it’s writing tips, tomfoolery, and business as usual!

      Thanks for the motivating words!

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  5. Corey, I am thoroughly excited for all of the above. I love getting my teeth into the backstory of a novel so this will keep me sated.
    Also, if you want anyone to read through… I volunteer as tribute!
    If the novel is half as engaging and inventive as your blog posts then I think you’re sorted. Keep it up!

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    • When beta reading comes around I will keep you in mind for sure. But we still got a couple months before that comes down the pike. Maybe some nice winter wasteland reading.

      Until then I will attempt to keep you entertained with the normal blog and extra Wasteland Wednesday madness. I’ve already put together some content and I’m pretty please it, so I’m excited to share. The first is the rough draft of my cover that came back, which I’m really excited about. It’s a stark chance from the doodle I made. I picked a solid artist.

      Anyways, thanks for the supportive words and encouragement! I really appreciate it.

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    • Thanks for the congrats! I thought I would feel free, but there are still so many things to do. Hah! I will work to hold out for the allotted time (it won’t be easy).


  6. The other day when I finished reading write to market, I thought to my self he writes a lot of posts, reads a lot, why doesn’t he just write a book? And now this. Great! Congrats! Looking forward to reading your book.

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    • Thanks for the congrats! I appreciate the kind words. I have been toiling away on this book. It’s my first attempt at a book so it has taken me longer that it should have! Hah!

      There appears to be a large difference between writing a book and editing one (who would have thought?). It’s been a lot of fun regardless.

      I hope you enjoy my Wednesday offerings and they keep you satiated until the books releases next year. I will be sure to keep everyone updated as I go through the next processes (rewrite, edit, beta read, edit, agents, publishing, etc). There is still much to do and much to learn 😀

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