Wasteland Wednesday #5

*Language and Content Warning*

skull and crossbones.jpgskull and crossbonesUnlike QE’s normal informational blog, Wasteland Wednesday is potentially full of foul language and post-apocalyptic nonsense.

Wasteland Wednesday

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had an update from the wasteland.  It’s still there, I promise.  As for progress, the first stage of rewrites begins next week.  I’m pretty excited to dive right back into it.  It’s been hard stopping myself from starting early, but I try to practice what I preach (irony…you’ll see).

Today I’ll introduce another character from the book, Daniel.  A member of the Lost Word, Daniel has traveled the wastes extensively. He’s not the only Daniel out there.  In fact, all members of the Lost Word are named Daniel.

Name:  Daniel

Nickname: Preacher

Age: Unknown (old)

Bio: Daniel, or Preacher, as Drake and his group like to call him, offered a helping hand when hundreds of hungry mouths were coming to gorge on their flesh. Not much is known about his background.  Of course, being a member of the Lost Word carries a lot of implications. Also, a body covered in scars often tells more about a man than any word could.

faith.pngMuch like all people in the wasteland, Preacher has some secrets.  One thing that isn’t a secret is his apparent allegiance to the Lost Word.  He carries his faith around his neck, and reveals it with his words.  The Lost Word are the keepers of what is left of the religions.  They offer it freely to those they encounter, and focus on spreading the “good word” at settlements and outposts.

You would think faith doesn’t play a large role in wasteland. Well the hundreds of Daniels that comprise the Lost Word would disagree.  Their sect has been known to purge communities who hurt or harm their members or interfere with their practices.  How they are able to do this with just a few men—nobody is really sure.  All that is known for certain is communities of crucified men and women stand testament to their abilities and few challenge them outright.  The children?  No one knows what happens to them.

This particular Daniel, Preacher, is a little different.  He wanders alone.  This is odd because most Daniels travel in a group of three.

pills.jpgAbilities: Members of the Lost Word have access to unheard of pharmaceuticals and are trained to protect themselves with whatever is available.  They rely heavily on stimulants and other meds and tend to wade into combat with a single pistol and knife.  While this may sound outlandish, stories tell of a groups of three wiping settlements off the map.  A forest of hastily erected crucifixes sprout up when this happens.  Daniels must be carpenters too.

Personality: Preacher is quick to smile and quote various religious texts.  Drake doesn’t tolerate this being directed at him, but Lex and Jim (you haven’t met Jim yet) are more open to it.  Preacher respects Drake’s wishes, which only makes him more suspicious to the one-eyed madman.  Preacher is easy-going and will talk with anyone willing to listen.  Drake knows the potential for violence hides behind the old mans gray eyes.

Drake, being older himself, understands that to grow old in the wasteland you have to be one tough bastard.  Preacher appears to be much older than Drake and this makes Drake wonder how the hell the old fool was able to stay alive at all.

Motivation:  Preachers’ motivations are complex (and to remain spoiler free, won’t be talked about much).  What I will share is that he is a member of the Lost Word, but has grown disenchanted with the group.  There is a time he can remember when the order spread hope.  Now, purges are all too common.  He feels purging a community, no matter how far they have fallen or what they have done, is barbaric and wrong.

He dreams of restoring the order, but knows this is likely impossible.  He seems to content himself by helping strangers he encounters. Self-medication also seems to help him, and he is often seen consuming pills.

Drake doesn’t believe Preacher is actually still a member. In his opinion, which he voices (typical Drake), any fool can dress up like one of those nut-jobs and play pretend. Regardless, after Preachers explosive entrance in the book, Drake doesn’t have a lot of options and requires his help.  While Drake will never say it, he respects someone hard enough to grow old despite the wasteland.


Bag is similar to this.  Concept art is in the works.  Updates are coming!

Equipment:  Preacher carries an engraved black revolver.  It’s much larger than seems necessary and Drake wonders how the old man can even wield it effectively.  Drake, even with his vast knowledge of firearms, couldn’t put his finger on the make and model.  All he could tell for sure is that it would be able to chamber a variety of ammunition.  He also noted the metal and engravings on the pistol were unlike anything he had ever seen.  This is uncharacteristic of standard wasteland weaponry, which is usually in a state of constant [dis]repair.

Preacher also carries a worn leather messenger bag. Beneath the brass buckled flap fastening the bag closed is a silver dagger.  Drake observed Preacher using this dagger to silence the cries of some inbreeders who were trapped under rubble (rubble Preacher created). The contents of the bag are a mystery to Drake.  All Drake knows for sure is that the bag contains meds of some kind—meds that can mask pain.

Author’s Note: Preachers character in the book was important because it serves a number of purposes.  It reveals the existence of the Lost Word, and it also examines faith in the wasteland, or lack thereof.  While Drake is governed by a set of “virtues,” Preacher is guided by something else entirely.  The two are an interesting contrast because both of them are lost souls who prescribe to a sort of debatable faith.

question-markThat’s it for today’s wasteland news!  I hope you all stop by next Wednesday for more information about Wastelander: The Drake Legacy.  I’d love to know what you think about Preacher.  This is only a brief glimpse, but hopefully it did him justice.  Until then, keep hiding, keep hoarding, and as always – stay alive.

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  1. I’m intrigued Corey. All of the little details you’ve given me so far just make me want to read more. I love reading all of these little tidbits about this world you’ve created.
    I’m also fascinated with what you’ve done with religion in your world. In an old WiP, I had something called the Circle, a council with a representative of every pantheon of gods becoming the over-religion, or something along those lines. I ummed and ahhed with the idea but I couldn’t get it to fully work. It’s an idea I’d like to return to at some point though and it does have some similarities here.
    Preacher sounds epic and mysterious. Keep the posts coming Corey.

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    • When the master of short stories tells me he is intrigued, I call it a win! I’m glad you found the entry interesting; it’s really hard to write these without ruining aspects of the book. I guess I never realized how much of the characters themselves act as spoilers.

      I like the concept of The Circle you were talking about. There was a time when I considered writing a post-apocalyptic novel about the world ending and all of the old gods coming back (or just re-materializing/revealing themselves) to Earth. The idea was they would organize the remaining humans into factions to battle for control of the planet. The gods couldn’t physically manifest themselves, but they could offer powerful boons to the earthlings allowing for epic battles and electric guitar ballads in the background. The project was too large in scope for me to rationalize, but I often find myself reading obscure religious texts and taking notes…maybe someday I’ll get a bead on the project.

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  2. I’m super interested in Preacher. I call him that because Daniel in a religious group of Daniels sounds too much like a Cult to me and we all know what I think about Cults. Xp

    He sounds like an interesting character. The revolver really has my interest, and the engraving seems very interesting. I can not wait to learn more about the characters and the world!

    I’m excited for this book Corey!

    Cheers! ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    • For the purpose of stoking your curiosity—and I don’t think this is a spoiler as it isn’t covered in this book—the first Daniel and founder of the Lost Word was a military pharmacology scientist for the government. His focus was on battlefield stimulants, but he also was tasked with uncovering the mysteries of four very powerful artifacts the government had uncovered.

      In his eyes, he was creating an army of holy soldiers to bring order back to the wastes. Of course, over consumption of your own stock can lead to unintended side-effects. For instance, you may feel like the old and new gods have chosen you for a higher purpose and engineered the end-times as an opportunity for you to spread their word. Then you might begin recruiting followers with the promise of meds and stimulants.

      Of course, little of this is in book one. But there will be more to come.

      Thanks for stopping in and reading today, SDS.

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      • That was super awesome information! ^_^

        Thank you for sharing! I love learning about worlds, characters, motivations! It is so amazing what you can do as a storyteller you know? It’s part of why writing is my #1 passion! I love the idea of taking nothing and creating everything. Lives, motivations, entire worlds!

        It is a beautiful thing! As is inspiring others to do so or to hone their craft which you do all the time! I think that is super awesome! I could go on for eternity talking about different stories and character arcs etc. I won’t though. 🙂

        OMG! I swear this month has gone by so slowly! I love that and at the same time it scares me lol.

        Anyways, thank you kindly for more insight behind your characters and their motivations! I look forward to reading about more and to your continued lessons in writing, editing and storytelling.

        Cheers! ^_^

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  3. Having had the chance to meet Preacher and sort of see the relationship he has with Drake, I think you have a great source of conflict (character v character, but I can’t draw cool little things like that #jealous). While I only actually saw a little of him, he added an heir of mystery and mysticism. This was a well-timed entry. I don’t want to say why because #spoilers. But just seeing this part makes me hungrier for your book than a muncher is for a left elbow.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Munchers do enjoy a good left elbow 🙂 Those tendons fry up nicely and become tasty treats you can chew on for hours!

      I can’t wait to get you the next version of the book. I’m praying (not as hard as Preacher does) that you really like some of the new directions. After these rewrites, all of the characters will have more dimension and strength. I know you liked the story before, but I think the added elements really are going to take it over the top and build a larger picture.

      During this down-time I’ve been brainstorming and plotting the future books, and I needed to add some breadcrumbs to set them up. Preacher’s character was essential to that setup and introduces some really fun/interesting elements to the story.

      Thanks for stopping in today, Matt. I’m still riding the high of you finishing Caught.

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  4. I’m always curious about characters who become disenchanted with aspects of their religion without wanting to make a clean break–much more challenging to figure out how to keep the baby and lose the bathwater. And much more complicated to I retract with members who are still gung ho, and outsiders who are still suspicious.

    Liked by 2 people

    • One of the elements I wanted to reinforce in the story is the power of a name. Lex works hard to ensure Drake Nelson’s name has power behind it. In many ways, she has inflated it to epic proportions and this benefits them both more often than not.

      Preacher is much the same. The name “Daniel” holds significance in the wastes. It’s also been his identity for most of his time in the wasteland. Despite his growing opposition to the Lost Word, he would rather try to fix it than abandon it entirely. Despite his wishes, walking alone is considered the same as abandoning the faith…and the Lost Word isn’t big on forgiving this sort of misstep. Go figure. Of course, the average person in the wastes doesn’t know the significance of a solitary priest. They just know when you see one, there are normally two more close by.

      Thanks for stopping in and reading today. May the wastes always leave you the tastiest morsels.

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    • Nah! I will always carve out time to edit. I edit so I can hang out with awesome people like you and help them tell stories. Even if my books would do well—and that’s a GIANT if—I’d still continue collaborating with the inner circle of authors I work with. I can’t let your space Marines run rampant after all, Bardo knows what they would get themselves into 🙂

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  5. I find the religious aspect very interesting. It makes me curious about how Preacher’s personal doctrines will manifest themselves. I have always considered the conflict between church (i.e., The Circle) and the state (i.e. Drake’s group) to be fascinating. Church-State conflict is basis for my book. The Hinges of History series by Thomas Cahill is one of the best resources I have found for religious history and doctrine. (most tasty greens.)
    Thank you for sharing about your book. Looking forward to its publication.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for recommending this book to me and for taking the time to read today. I will snatch it off of Amazon and give it go. I still have a few days before rewrites begin and I would like to be more well-rounded in this aspect of my book.


    • Thanks for the encouraging words! It won’t be for everyone, but those who like the genre should get a kick out of it (hopefully…). Regardless, I’ve really enjoyed writing it—so that counts for something 🙂


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