Weekend Maintenance #1

maintenanceJust a quick update to my daily viewers, and anyone else who stumbles across this.  I’m going to be doing maintenance and overhaul this weekend so posting will resume on Monday.  This page started on June 5th and it’s already sporting 75+ posts.  I’m noticing on my tracking that many of you are going pretty deep into some of the content, which is great.  It’s time to take a weekend and organize everything better.

I‘ll still be stalking your pages, I just won’t be adding any content until I resolve the issues I’m listing below.  As a side note, I’m listing these items for transparency.  After the reception I received on my post about how I blog, I thought some of you may be interested in what I’m doing to maintain the page.

Things that will change:

  1. Improved categories for easier navigation from home page.
  2. Linking pages together.  Throughout time I’ve presented different concepts.  As with most things in writing, there are overlaps.  I want to be sure to link pages together for easier navigation (i.e. if someone is interested in archetypes, I wan’t to ensure all posts regarding archetypes have links embedded to point readers toward applicable information if they want it).
  3. Revamp of all applicable images to ensure all information is shareable (i.e. removal/replacement of any potential images that could cause copyright infringement issues in the future).
  4. Additional page of information regarding services I provide as I transition from online freelancing to small business ownership.  This should save people the trouble of emailing me and will cover the questions I’m most commonly asked.
  5. cyborg.jpgUpdate to page listing my book Wastelander and corresponding novella The Wasteland Survival Guide.
  6. My cyborg clone should be coming to life Monday and will assist in day-to-day operations.  It took 278 boxes of Cracker Jacks, one chipped tooth, and three cavities, but I finally got the prize I was looking for: a Palladium mini-arc reactor.  With this in place, my cyborg clone should now have sufficient power to assist me.  (I wish…)

That’s it!  For all of you who stop by regularly, I can’t tell you how great it is talking about something I am passionate about with you.  For those of you who are just wandering in, brace yourselves, Monday is coming.  Until Monday, keep reading, keep writing, and as always – stay sharp!

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21 responses

    • I really appreciate the kind words and am glad you have found some use in all the mad rantings.

      I need to bookmark your page – I have no idea why I haven’t already. I will be sure to swing by and check out some of your own musings.

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  1. MY clone isn’t a cyborg and thus doesn’t require a mini-arc reactor. *gloats*

    I’ll be paying attention to your new-and-improved blog organization, looking for ideas on how to improve my own blog. I’m not as diligent about using tags as I should be, and I only started categorizing my posts at all a month or so ago.

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    • I figured it was about time to start doing some damage control. It’s already daunting with the number of posts to go through. Need to make a better plan and stick to it. Looks like I’m going to have to make some checklists! Hopefully you don’t even notice the changes, with the exception of the new menu page. That’s the goal. I want to keep the smoke pumping, projector glowing, and mess around behind the curtain.

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  2. Such a great idea! Your blog has come so far in such a short time! And congrats on starting your own business! Things are going so well for you, and I know they’ll only keep getting better. I’m excited to see your new blog! I should follow by example and clean up my stuff, too =)

    Liked by 3 people

    • Hah! I like to leave the grammar to people with stronger chops than me. I’ll stick to the big picture concepts and leave the technical stuff to them. I’m glad I was able to turn you on to some other solid bloggers!

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