The Six Types of Writers (Reblog)


I stumbled across the above image on Twitter today and felt it was too hilarious to not share.  This image was created by Alexi Maxim Russel, on his blog, The Guerrilla Ronin Writer.  I had to play, follow-the-bread-crumbs, for about ten minutes to finally get back to the source.  I’ve saved you the trouble with the links above, and also the image is linked to a higher resolution version.

field guide to assholes.jpgIf you are unfamiliar with Russel, he has written some gems including: Alexi Maxim Russel’s Field Guide to Assholes, Instruction Manual for the 21st Century Samurai, The New Homeowner’s Guide to House Spirits, and many more.

You can probably tell by those titles that Russel has a unique outlook on the world, and this comes through in his writing and in the image above.  It should be noted, Russel is a bit of a pioneer in that he is also the first author to ever write a detective story with an Autistic protagonist, Trueman Bradley – The Next Great Detective.

In my jaunt along the bread crumb trail, I stumbled across this blog post, The Six Types of (failed) Writerswritten by Derek Murphy on his page, CreativIndie (great content there to check out for you indie heroes/heroines).  He links to this image and talks about his issues with writers being lumped into these categories.

Murphy explains in his post that, “Here’s the problem, these aren’t the six types of writers, these are the six types of failed writers. These are the things writers do that make them unsuccessful. They could be called the six sins of writing.”

magician.jpgHis solution?  He created a new category, the Magician.  This blends some of the types together and creates a more well-rounded writer archetype.

Murphy explains that the Magician, “…accepts total responsibility over their creative production, (by becoming a fucking literary genius and the best damn writer in the world), and also takes responsibility over their reception, (by writing books for a specific audience, cultivating that audience into rabid fans, and learning how to build an online system that does your marketing for you so you can spend more time producing bestselling books).”

My two cents?

For starters, the Fallout theme used in the image rocked my socks off.  For you non-nerds, Fallout is a post-apocalyptic video game, which is something I play purely for research purposes (at least that’s how I justify the countless hours of my life lost).Fallout4Car.jpg

I also like that it’s broad generalization.  It does lump writers into six categories and make some sweeping assumptions like Murphy stated in his post.  Is this necessarily a bad thing?  Not if you don’t take yourself too seriously.  I mean you should take writing seriously (i.e. dedicate time to the craft via study, practice, and consumption) if you want to be successful.  But in my opinion, thick skin and sense of humor are the sword and shield a writer should carry.

The image made me laugh, it made me think, and it made my want to share it and link some disconnected dots scattered across the interwebs for you all to peer at with your eye-holes.  In this way, it is a marketing masterpiece for everyone involved.

fire wand.jpgWhich one am I?  I’m going to go with Murphy’s blended category of Magician.  It’s a brilliant viewpoint of what the successful author should look like.  Plus, I’ve always wanted to incinerate my enemies with a wand made out of a demons tailbone.

Which one are you?  Do you defy categorization?  Are you some sort of mutant half breed?  Have you come up with a new type?  I’d love to hear about it.  I’ll just be over here catching things on fire and practicing my wizardry.

Until tomorrow, keep reading, keep writing, and as always – stay sharp!

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    • You’re awesome. Thanks for sharing. I swung by your page and left a comment there. I appreciate you swinging by and reading you space cadet you.

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  1. I think I’m a bit space cadet and a bit weird recluse. I do have a little writing room upstairs however. The space cadet likes to watch clouds 🙂 Thanks. I enjoyed your post as usual.

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    • Have fun on your solitary space flights. If you ever get lonely we are all just a click away. And if you get lost out there in the expanse, follow the brightest star back home.

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  2. I don’t fall under those categories or the Magician though I do know how to read Tarot.

    *drum roll*

    Since you want to be a Magician with a wand made out of demons tailbone, I think I would like to be a Dragon’s Apprentice. Dragon’s Apprentice is the category that I am creating.

    Now for its definition:

    The Dragon Apprentice:
    Being a Pisces, there’s definitely a chance of mind escaping into the clouds, which is why there needs to be a Dragon Teacher. I would say my Dragon Teachers would be my cats (totally dragons in their past lives) because they would bite my leg or arm for attention bringing me back down so I could focus on the story. There are also a couple of pieces that could probably bring up my popularity, however, I’m not ready to share them yet so guess there’s a recluse in me somewhere, wearing a stripped fedora. As an Apprentice, I learned that though one can go through months and months of research on publishing houses, I am not ready for those, however, I am ready to publish on my own, especially since I can choose what stays and goes and how many illustrations I want to have.
    Plus Side: Intelligent and witty. Gets noticed in her small world of internet.
    Ugly Side: Too much research done on the side, which hopefully doesn’t go to waste.

    How’s that?

    PS: Here’s the link to the kindle edition. Amazon didn’t combine paperback and kindle onto one page yet.


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    • Okay, so now I’m going to have to a Dragon Apprentice/Magician – you hooked me. Loved the description. I think my cat Niblet may also be a reincarnated being. Perhaps a wise old monk, or quirky world explorer who never made it home.

      I don’t think too much research is necessarily a bad thing. Only if it totally prevents you from writing. I know plenty of writers who spend a few days doing research and that inspires them to bust out large word counts on their writing days. It all balances out in the end.

      I will snag a copy of your book and add it to my list of WordPress authors I have purchased from here. Can’t promise I will get to reading it immediately, but I certainly will get around to it and leave you a review. Glad to see you got everything out there, congratulations!

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      • Hehe. I was trying to be funny but I do love the Dragon Apprentice idea.

        Well, I needed to find a bad side to the type of writer and that’s the only thing that I found.

        I think your wife will like my novella better haha ^_^

        Thanks. I can finally move onto my phoenix story. My sister is going to hate me because she will need to draw a lot of characters and I mean more than 30… I know! I’ll bribe her with chocolate!!!

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    • Glad you enjoyed it, and I appreciate you swinging by. I need to check out your maniacal musings today (then watch cartoons with all the lights on to counteract the darkness).

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      • Aww, I’m touched! ^_^ I always love reading your posts. I always find them informative and quite intriguing. Often times quite imaginative as well. You have a way of captivating the reader with knowledge and whimsy all at the same time.

        It keeps me interested.

        Cheers! ^_^

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    • That is a strange combo, but an interesting one. The yin and yang of literary power. Wield it well and see your fortunes rise like the morning sun.

      Seriously though, thanks for swinging by and commenting today. I always appreciate it.


  4. Damn, I’m not game to put myself in any of those categories because admitting I fit into one would probably mean admitting to fitting in all. ::)

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    • You must be the unicorn uncategorized writer. Very rare. Very unpredictable. Half unicorn, half human, they shoot ink filled quills like arrows from their horned foreheads – killing blow hard literary critics left and right.

      I will steer clear of your rampage through the bookshelves, and simply say, thanks for reading and commenting today.

      *QE drops a carrot on the ground, and backs away slowly*

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    • Thanks for swinging by and reading it, I’m glad it made your day a little better. I think all of us are combinations when it comes down to it, but it’s fun to imagine ourselves in these contexts (at least it was for me).

      Good luck on your anger fueled solo trek through space. If you need to get home just look for the mushroom clouds.

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  6. I write what makes me happy (more on that later). I don’t write a book because I think it’ll sell. My marketing avatar is my brother. I’m happy when I write, and I enjoy seeing people react to my book. Sure, I wish I had 10,000,000,000 readers clamoring for Caught, but who doesn’t? You have to care bout what you create before others will. I have an audience, but that doesn’t make me a sellout. As an artist, I like to stretch now and then, that’s how Nick of Time happened. I don’t really know what that makes me. I just write. When I think I have a book that’s ready, I put it out there.

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    • I think the points you made are what I like/dislike about the image. The image alludes to the idea that writers conform to certain types. That they are, at best, one dimensional and motivated by a single purpose.

      Truth be told, I don’t think writers, or artists for that matter, really conform to a single category. While their works certainly can be categorized – the things that drive them to create those works are very complex.

      I had some friends who love listening to small bands play. They get all the cool band-made cd’s and subscribe to their Facebook pages, and become part of the guerrilla marketing movement. Then if the band makes it, the band becomes sellouts.

      This plagues writers too. The idea you made it, doesn’t make you a sellout. The fact you landed a great publisher, doesn’t mean you’ve sold your soul to the devil. When it comes down to it, to each his/her own.

      Thanks for swinging by today bud, I know how busy you are with edits of Caught.

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    • No way! You don’t fail until you quit. Now this may mean you don’t feel successful for a while – but then it’s a matter of defining success.

      If a single person reads a copy of your book/blog/whatever and it changes their outlook on life, or it provides them an escape from something they are dealing with – I call that success. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

      Don’t stop and you won’t fail. And for you, you have too much potential to give up.

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  7. In my early stages of blogging, I think I’m a combination of the space cadet as I randomly write about ideas which pop up in my mind (which are a lot and all of the time, it’s a dizzying pace). I’m also a bit of the weird recluse, which is why I haven’t blogged much to this point as I tend to hide much of the time. I’m also a bit of ray of sunshine. I’m always looking to remain positive in life. I strive to encourage others to do the same, but I think I’m convincing myself at the same time. One day I hope to achieve writing excellence…but I know that will be a lifelong pursuit.

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    • I’m sure you will achieve your goals if you continue your pursuit of the craft. I like that you are a combination of things – I think everyone is (just like a good hero/heroine in a book is multi-dimensional).

      Good luck in your self-discovery through writing. The more words you write, the more they will empower you. And the more they empower you, the bolder your writing will become.

      Thanks for stopping in today and leaving this great comment.

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  8. I guess I choose SPACE CADET because I write science fiction… and hello, SPACE!! 😛

    Plus, I really would love my own space ship some day…. I would make one heck of a broken down, fat space marine or cooler Captain Kirk. You can call me CAPTAIN PORKCHOP!! That will be all, move along, just the worlds coolest space captain here. And my ship, well it should be unassuming on the outside so people underestimate it with the coolest tech inside. Sorry QE, might have to steal your wife for her navy skills… I was just a grunt after all….

    I know!!! You can be the ships steward/Public Affairs Guru! There, one big happy family….. but just between you and I, let’s leave the in-laws and stick with immediate family!!! LMFAO!!!!

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  10. Years ago I was obsessed with the idea of being published, anything but the stress of it took out the enjoyment of writing. Now I write as a hobby and just hope someone reads something I’ve written and likes it. Is that so bad?

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  11. According to the quiz, I am 100% Ray of Sunshine, 33% Weird Recluse and 33% Space Cadet. (I do not understand why it adds up to 166% – but that’s okay.) I think that you wrote an interesting article and the quiz was fun to take.

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