Feature Friday #2 (Bloggers & Books)


Welcome to another Feature Friday!  Today we’ll cast a glow on some bloggers who are consistently generating insightful posts about the written word.  As always, I try to dedicate time to broadening my understanding of the craft, and these folks seem to deliver on a regular basis.  As usual, I’ll also be compiling the books I used to generate my blog posts this week into a one-stop-shop.

spotlight-facing-rightThe first spotlight shines for Jan, over at Writing your first novel – Things you should know.  Jan is always writing informative posts and it’s a shame she hasn’t been generating more views and comments.  She covers a number of different topics on her blog.  She also does an outstanding job of offering examples of writing, and then showing how it can be improved through the application of the tip she is providing.

One post she recommends (and I would agree), is her post about, On-the-nose Writing.  Surprisingly, this isn’t a topic I’ve ever covered here at QE.  As she points out, this is a common issue many writers grapple with.  I would encourage you to swing over and give her space some love.

spotlight-facing-rightThe second blogger I wanted to talk about is Steve, over at Red String PaperCuts.  This space is unique because it’s a collaboration between three individuals: Steve, Jessie, and Marcy.  They work together to provide a range of creative content for their viewers.  Depending on the day, you may find a haiku, poem, book update, musing, or solid piece of writing advice.

Steve recently introduced the topic of marketing (an area where he has personal expertise).  The post is titled, Marketing Your Novel: Where to Begin?  For me, marketing has been an area where I have been struggling to find useful, writing specific, content.  I know from the interactions I’ve had with many of you here at QE that this is a subject many of us are trying to figure out.  I encourage you to swing by and sponge up some of the information they are offering.  It should be noted this post is introductory, and we’ll likely see more marketing tips from them in the future.

spotlight-facing-rightThe last blogger I want to feature today is Thomas Weaver, over at North of Andover.  Thomas is a hilarious and exceptionally knowledgeable mercenary proofreader (freelance editor).  His page is almost a daily ritual for me.  His “Writing Glitch” series (which is up to #156 last time I checked) snags a sentence, breaks it down, and corrects it.  It’s simple, it’s often humorous (not in a mean way), and it’s a quick way to get a grammar fix.

I normally point people to a specific article when I feature them.  I’m not doing that with Thomas because I don’t even know where to begin.  If I had a recommendation, it would be to go to his home page and check out his Grammar Rants section.  If you dare, he also will take a look at an except from your story and incorporate it into his Writing Glitch series.  Click here, and become a willing participant.  In my opinion, you’re crazy to not accept free copyediting from someone as experienced as him.

thanksI wanted to take a moment to thank Jan, Thomas, and the folks at Red String PaperCuts.  It’s humbling for me to be able to share other people’s work and learn from them.  One of my overarching goals with creating this space was to build collaborations with other creative minds.  You all are helping me achieve this goal.



These are the resources I used this week (Friday to Friday) to create my posts.  I’m a voracious eater of greens and believe in the power of self-study to improve writing skill and understanding.

Bird by Bird, by Anne Lamott [Amazon] [goodreads]

The Writer’s Journey, by Christopher Vogler [Amazon] [goodreads]

A Writer’s Guide to Active Setting, by Mary Buckham [Amazon] [goodreads]

For a more comprehensive list of books I have utilized to build content here on QE, you can refer to this post.

hourglassThat’s it for today!  If you would like to be featured next Friday, contact me.  It always helps if you let me know what specific post you would like to be featured.  My goal with Feature Friday is to connect like-minded individuals with one another.  The blogoverse is a giant place, and it’s nice to be able to provide some navigation. Until tomorrow, keep reading, keep writing, and as always – stay sharp!

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15 responses

  1. Thank you for the information.

    On Fri, Sep 23, 2016 at 11:13 AM, Quintessential Editor wrote:

    > Quintessential Editor posted: ” Welcome to another Feature Friday! Today > we’ll cast a glow on some bloggers who are consistently generating > insightful posts about the written word. As always, I try to dedicate time > to broadening my understanding of the craft, and these folks seem to” >

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m really happy the scheduling is working like this for you. It certainly has allowed me to organize my own approach to it. During the learning period I would wake up, look at all the books on my shelf, and pick a topic from one of them to run with. Sometimes it was super easy, and sometimes it was majorly stressful. I’ve found that moving to this schedule has really allowed me to plan and focus on what needs to be done instead of flounder around for ideas. Hopefully this focus trickles it’s way into the value of my blog content (we’ll see).

      Thanks for the vote of confidence. Those words of encouragement are certainly the ego booster I needed tonight and I thank you for them.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Well, I always felt bad about not doing the rewards things (Liebster, Sunshine, etc.) on my blog page. I chose not to do them so I could begin scheduling out posts ahead of time. By prewriting the posts and scheduling them, it gives me more time for replying to comments, and cruising around other peoples pages.

      But I really liked awards because they are such an amazing way for people to connect with each other and give shout-outs. I figured this could be my way of spreading the love around.

      I’m glad it’s working out for you. The votes of confidence absolutely let me know I’m going in the right direction. Thank you so much for the kind words and for reading today, Jenn. Hope you find the time to swing by those other blogs and give them a glance. Happy reading 😀

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    • Thank you for giving me the chance to feature your content. I’ve always enjoyed your blog space, and I know we’ve chatted (via comments) about the struggle of building viewership. Content as well-written as your deserves to be featured and viewed.

      Hope you enjoy checking out those other places and find some time to give them some likes and comments. Happy reading!

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    • I’m glad! He is one of my favorite places to stop because his content is rich with information and doesn’t take a huge time investment to go through (like mine often does).

      Glad you took the time to browse! Happy reading 😀


  2. Thank you for featuring my blog, Corey! I’m glad you have found the info in my marketing post useful. I honestly wish i had started writing about it sooner — I didn’t quite realize how convoluted of an area this was for a lot of writers.

    I’ll echo the other commenters above and agree that I love your new schedule. I can definitely see how it would take the burden off of you a little bit knowing what you should be writing each day (especially when you post every day). Keep at it 🙂

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    • It was my absolute pleasure, Steve. Like we both have mentioned, you’re hitting a subject shrouded with mystery for many (myself included). I’ll be looking forward to seeing more marketing posts, and the rest of your gangs posts as well. You really have a dynamic collaboration going there and it’s exciting to try to keep up with it.

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