Elements of Style Collage: Quotes

The Elements of Style

A collection of phrases and quotes from the book, The Elements of Style, written by William Strunk Jr., and E.B. White (Fourth Edition).  High resolution version can be found here.


Today’s blog post is a simple quote collage I threw together in Photoshop.  All of these quotes come from the book, The Elements of Style, written by William Strunk Jr., and E.B. White.  The Elements of Style is the shortest book I own on writing (105 pages), but also one of the best.  I don’t think I’ve taken a course in writing, editing, or journalism that didn’t reference this book.  As an editor, it is invaluable.

the-elements-of-style.jpgDid I miss your favorite quote?  Don’t whisper incantations and curse my name, post them in the comments box instead!  Until tomorrow, keep reading, keep writing, and as always – stay sharp!

*Update June 30, 2016*

As per request I have uploaded this image onto Flickr.  You can find it here.  Now you can have access to a crisp high resolution collage, big enough for a background if you wanted. Moving forward, I will upload and link all images.  Thanks for voicing interest and for reading.

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    • It’s short and sweet – so no worries. I use it as a reference more than anything, it has a handy index. Thanks for stopping by and posting!


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